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Bangkok’s Yaowarat Gears Up for Year of the Dragon Celebration

Come February 10, Bangkok’s vibrant Yaowarat, or Chinatown, will be the stage for a dazzling Chinese New Year celebration, heralding the onset of the Year of the Dragon. A collaborative effort with the Chinese Embassy, this event promises a fusion of cultural splendor and illuminations, commencing at the Odeon Circle on Yaowarat Road and cascading throughout the district for the entire month.

This eagerly anticipated celebration in 2024 holds special significance, marking 49 years of diplomatic relations between Thailand and China, coupled with 19 years of cultural and tourism cooperation between the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Governor Thapanee Kiatphaibool of the TAT has voiced her excitement about this event, emphasizing its pivotal role in fortifying bonds between Thailand and China while simultaneously bolstering the travel and tourism sector. As the celebration unfolds, it aspires to draw in an impressive 8 million Chinese tourists this year, a noteworthy contribution to Thailand’s thriving tourism industry.

The festivity will be a tapestry of captivating performances by both Thai and Chinese artists. A standout feature is the inclusion of a dance troupe from China’s Fujian province, specially curated by the China Cultural Centre.

China, once the largest source of foreign tourists for Thailand, witnessed a temporary lull due to the pandemic. To reignite the influx of visitors from China, the Thai government took strategic measures, introducing visa-free entry for Chinese tourists in September. In a significant move, starting March 1, visa requirements for Chinese visitors will be permanently lifted, streamlining travel procedures and fostering a renewed era of collaboration between the two nations.

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