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Closure and Recovery: Jodd Fairs Market Faces Renovations After Blaze

In a decisive move to prioritize safety, the chief of Huai Khang district in Bangkok has mandated the temporary closure of the Jodd Fairs market, situated behind Central Plaza Rama 9. This directive, issued on December 14, comes in the wake of a recent fire incident that occurred around 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, prompting a comprehensive assessment of damages and necessitating immediate safety enhancements.

Following the extinguishing of the fire, investigations revealed that the incident impacted four blocks and a total of 120 shops, predominantly housing fashion boutiques. The district office promptly established a coordinating team to extend assistance and relief to those affected. Each impacted shop is set to receive financial aid amounting to 11,000 baht, with affected individuals required to furnish necessary documents such as ID cards and lease agreements for processing.

While the cause of the fire is still under investigation, preliminary reports from the police suggest an electric short circuit as the likely trigger. Despite the intensity of the blaze, only one minor injury due to smoke inhalation was reported—a female who opted not to seek hospital treatment.

District chief Paitoon Ngammuk declared the affected area as hazardous, prompting the decision to keep the entire space closed until it meets safety standards. The duration of this closure is contingent upon the ability of business owners to effect essential improvements, a process anticipated to span 7, 15, or more days.

In response to the incident, stringent safety measures are set to be implemented, including directional signs and other symbols aimed at preventing similar occurrences. Special attention will be directed towards businesses utilizing heat for cooking to ensure heightened safety protocols.

As recovery efforts unfold, the estimated cost of damage is projected to reach approximately 1.3 million baht. Jodd Fairs, renowned for its bustling night market atmosphere housing over 700 shops, stands as a popular destination for city residents and tourists alike, offering a diverse range of Thai cuisine, goods, and a vibrant evening experience. The closure and subsequent improvements underscore the commitment to restoring the market’s charm while prioritizing the safety of all patrons.

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