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Sendai Ramen Mokkori

So today we, Thonglor Today Tonight Team, chose to go to Sendai Ramen Mokkori to have lunch.  This shop signature is Ramen and it is known that the price is reasonable and the ramen has an original taste like Japan’s. This Mokkori ramen shop is the first franchise shop in Thailand. This humble Japanese ramen shop has a Japanese style indoor eating. Perhaps, the shop is small and the interior seating design can be said to be a little bit stuffed. I think this place is limited to 25 people.  

We had an interview with the shop manager, Khun Daa. The shop name came from the remembrance of City named, Sandai and Mokkori is the district of Sandai. The source used in Yakisoba and Tonkatsu is imported from Sandai. She said their signature dishes are Karamiso Ramen, Yakisoba and Curry Rice. They have different kinds of ramen which are Shouyu Ramen ( Soysauce Ramen), Shio Ramen ( Salt Ramen ), Tonkotsu Ramen ( Fried Pork cutlet Ramen ). 

We ordered Tonkatsu Curry Rice, Ramen Karamiso, Kota Yakisoba, Cow’s tongue and Gyoza. Let us explain starting from the signature menu, “ Ramen Karamiso”. Khun Daa said that for the spicy lovers, we can order Ramen Karamiso with different spicy levels ranging from 1 to 3. The texture of noodles and the taste of soup combined perfectly well in my mouth. Also the slices of pork boots the taste of ramen more. Then shall I move onto another dish. I should say Tonkatsu stands out for the dish. With the curry, rice featured by the tonkotsu has the power to attract us to eat again. Ordering Cow’s tongue, it would be a little bit weird if you are binge meat eaters. The way Sandai Mokkori presents the cow’s tongue is specialized with homemade sauce. Since it is a Japanese homemade sauce, the taste is strong like Wasabi but not exactly like Wasabi. It is a bit salty. We ordered the 12 pieces of Gyoza and per Gryoza is as big as my fist. The last dish, Kota Yakisoba, is known as the fried noodle with vegetables and pork. I hope everyone is familiar with this dish. The Sendai Ramen shop is linked with Grab, Lineman and Food panda. So, if the weather is not good or if you are not in the mood to go outside or if you don’t have time to go there, you can order from them. 

Prices : Normally, Japanese dishes are used to be expensive. The base price would start from 200 baht you may see. However Sendai Ramen Mokkori Thonglor shop sets up the price very reasonably although the shop is located in an affluent Thonglor area. The price ranges from 200-300 baht which is not more than 300 baht. What’s more, there is a drinking promotion, discount for the customers.The quality of the food is more valuable for the money you purchase. So, I would say this ramen shop is a must visit one when you come to Thonglor. 

Open hours : The shop starts opening from 11 am to 2 am in the morning. That’s why, the busy hour to go to the shop is around 9 pm at night. Thonglor people like to spend the night here, drinking and eating. 

Location : Sukhumvit 55, 8/3 Thonglor 2, Khlong Tan Nuea, Wathhana, Bangkok 10110. It is 8 mins walk away from the BTS Thonglor station. 

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