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Waking up to ‘Hoi Tod Chaw lae’

It was the beautiful sunshine this morning that made Thonglor Today Tonight team walk outside of Thonglor and explore the food along the Sukhumvit 55. We, Thonglor Today Tonight team went to Thonglor road by taking BTS to Thonglor and we started our work in the street of  Sukhumvit 55. 

Front of Chaw lae shop

First of all, we, Thonglor Today Tonight team stopped at Hoi Tod Chaw lae. The advertisement of the shop in front of the shop really attracted us. It said the Best Pad Thai and Tod in the town. So, our curiosity about this Hoi Tod shop bursted and we went inside the room. The interior design is not going to the luxury side but it is neat and tidy. We interviewed the spokesperson of the Hoi Tod Shop. She told us the history of the shop and how it became. We have come to know that the shop name is full of meaning that “Hoi Tod Chaw Lae”, Hoi Tod stands for fried oyster, Chaw Lae means fisherman. The owner, Khun Koii set the restaurant name in honor of the fishermen. As all of us know, the fishermen find the seafood from the sea and this shop tells us to respect the occupation of the fishermen. The origin of the shop comes from 50 years ago, the Grandma of the owner, Khun Koii,  sometimes made Hoi Tod for selling in the Thai food festival. At that time, they didn’t have an actual restaurant to display their food. Later, the mother and father of Khun Koii got the idea to operate the restaurant to launch their food. Before opening the restaurant, they explored the hoi-tod pad thai shops in Bangkok to find the best way to make the delicious Hoi Tod. The materials, the pans, pots, and stove which are being used, are designed by themselves. Their first origin branch is at Anusorn market in Chiang Mai. The second is at Thonglor, where we are right now. The last branch is at Central Embassy. In the future, they are planning to extend more branches in Bangkok in order to reach more customers. 

After presenting the story and now it is time to taste some of their popular menus. We, Thonglor today tonight team, ordered four menus which are Pad Thai Seafood, Phad Thai fresh shrimp, Normal Hoi Tod and Hoi Tod Or-Ror. Everything is good but Hoi Tod Or-Ror, eggs and rice flour cakes really stand out. Hoi Tod is a fried oyster and they are made both outside and inside crispy and yummy. One surprising thing to me is they are not oily yet. A little bit different version of the Hoi Tod is Hoi Tod Or-Ror is made crispy outside but soft inside yet it is not oily and greasy. How do we eat them? Thai people eat Hoi Tod with chili sauce. The chili sauce Khun Koii uses is a homemade sauce. Another strong point to the dish is that they buy the seafood at the market by themselves and they use the fresh ingredients for making the delicious food. That is why while we are eating our ordered food, all are deliciously coated by the real taste of fresh seafood. The seafood is fresh and big enough to have a yummy bite.Together with the dishes, we harmonized with the Thai traditional fresh drink such as Yellow fresh bael juice and Red fresh roselle juice. 

Price to be noticed : In contrast to the norm street Hoi Tod shop, it is two times pricey. Hoi Tod costs 100 baht to be purchased, Hoi Tod Or-Ror costs 120-150 baht and Pad Thai starts from 100 baht. The juice is 20 baht. However, the quality of the food and the service you get back is worth paying for it I reckon. 

Opening time : Hoi Tod Chaw Lae opens from 8 am to 9 pm. But the busy hour is 11-12 hours because at that time, the company employees are taking the lunch break and they are having lunch here. Khun Koii said that most of the customers are foreigners. The foreigners love to pay for the authentic delicious Hoi Tod and Pad Thai.

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