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Thonglor Pet hospital – From dream to reality

Thonglor Pet Hospital came about because of a dream of Dr. Kitika Chaisupatanakul, Thonglor Pet Hospital Founder & Chief Executive Officer. She had a simple dream “to provide pet health-care 24 hours a day”. She understood the anxiety and hopelessness most owners must feel when their pet becomes ill during the night. As a result, on August 21st, 1994, she opened Thonglor Pet Hospital, the first pet hospital to provide 24-hour care in Thailand. Immediately, her customer-base began to grow due to word-of-mouth referrals, especially from taxi drivers who would recommend her hospital for emergency treatment during the night. Before long, Thonglor Pet Hospital became the chosen healthcare solution for many pet owners.

Thonglor Pet hospital is innovative in bringing it’s own range of pet food to market, as well has having a pet taxi and also pet cafe. Ensuring a comprehensive suite of services that will make any animal owner happy to know that their pet is getting the best attention and service possible.

Thonglor Pet Hospital continues to innovate and improve their services, keeping in mind their customer’s needs at the heart of their developments and providing pet owners with the most comprehensive health-care solution.

Thonglor Pet Hospital has two main units: Pet Hospital and Pet Care. Pet Hospital prioritizes medical services for domesticated animals—particularly dogs with visiting ratio of 70 percent, cats 20 percent, and other domestic exotic pets 10 percent. Pet Care consists of pet shops, pet-friendly restaurants, grooming services and pet transportation services. Pet Care, managed by Thonglor Pet Hospital, is available in three level formats based on available shops and service space: mini, large, and Pet City—the collective name for our community for pets and pet lovers.

With a vision to provide the best quality and most comprehensive pet care of international standard, Thonglor Pet Hospital is devoted in improving their medical expertise and implementing the highest quality service to our patients, as well as supporting our patients in areas such as using the most advanced medical equipment and innovative information and communications technology.

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